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Presenting Your Artwork on OzarkArtisans.com

The primary purpose of OzarkArtisans.com is to provide an E-commerce solution for artists in the Ozark Mountain area. We know how to program and manage an online solution, and you know how to create art. These talents are combined into one great website!

It is our job to ensure that your artwork is seen by the right visitor traffic. We market this site to all of the major search engines and maintain the online inventory. Essentially, we take care of all of the busy work so you can focus on your craft.

You would need to provide us with a digital image of each product (in a square, eg. 400px by 400 px - preferably with a "Proof" watermark if submitting photography), a description of the product, the weight of the product in pounds, the dimensions of the product, the inventory on-hand quantity, and the price you want to charge.  We can set up options on the products that allow you to have the customer order 5x7, 8x10, or whatever size… and, framed and unframed (price needed for both).  We will post the items, collect the money (including shipping), and notify you via E-Mail.

Once the shipping is confirmed, we send you the money.

We offer shoppers Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal as payment options. We also collect shipping costs based upon USPS shipping rates.

You will also need to provide us with a digital image of yourself, your website address (if you have one), and a brief (no more than 500 words) biography. This information is used to showcase you as the "Featured Artist of the Month", so please target your audience accordingly.



All of our Artists are Juried

The quality of the art displayed on our website is critical to our success. Each artist MUST complete an application in order to submit works for sale.

Application Instructions

Please read the application instructions carefully as failure to comply could result in your disqualification.

  1. Jurying is done from digital images only.
  2. Artists lacking professional degrees, etc. are considered based upon the quality of their work. In other words, you will not be disqualified for being self-taught. Talent is the greatest consideration.
  3. You will be informed of the jury's decision as soon as possible. Please do not call the office.
  4. There is no cost to submit the application.
  5. Submitted images should represent current work (past three years). The jury is looking for a consistent body of professional work .
  6. There are no size or subject limitations for acceptance, however you will be responsible for delivery of all artwork to the end customer.
  7. Upon sale of your work, 20% commission will be retained by OzarkArtisans.com to cover administrative costs.
  8. Please do not send any materials other than those requested .

For the application you must enter your work in ONLY ONE of the following categories:

  • Works on canvas (paintings) - 5 images: Two-dimensional work on canvas (or other material except paper) including oil, acrylic, encaustic, tempra, mixed media, etc.
  • Works on paper - 5 images: Two-dimensional work on paper including graphite, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, gouache, mixed media, etc. Hand-cast or hand-made paper may be used.
  • Printmaking - 5 images: Work is part of an edition, an edition proof, or a monoprint. Collage or mixed media may be a part of the print.
  • Sculpture - 10 images (two views of five different pieces): Three-dimensional work including stone, metal, wood, cast paper. Medallic art may be submitted in this category.
  • Collage/Assemblage - 5 images: Collage or assemblage is the primary media and the work does not readily fit into another category. Collage: Anything fixed to a surface with adhesive. Assemblage: Any material assembled into a unit.
  • Photography/Computer Generated Art - 5 images: Work is traditional photographic media or digital media.

Submission requirements (please type or print):

  1. Images:
    • Clearly and consistently provide the following information for each image submitted: art title, medium, image size in inches (height x width) or (height x width x depth) and date of completion.
    • All images should be of professional quality and should show only the art image.
    • IMPORTANT: ALL submitted images MUST be in the SAME CATEGORY.
  2. Image List :
    • Provide a cross-reference list to the images in your correspondence.
    • Describe media of each work as completely as possible.
    • List the images in the order you wish your work to be reviewed.
  3. Artist's Resume - (please provide dates for each that apply):
    • Provide your Name, Address, E-Mail Address and Telephone Number (required).
    • Provide the Category Name for your images (required).
    • Provide a list of Education Degrees Earned (required).
    • Provide a list of Residences/Workshops (optional).
    • Provide a list of Solo and Group Exhibitions (optional).
    • Provide a list of Awards, Scholarships, and Grants (optional).
    • Provide a list of Professional Affiliations (optional).
    • Provide at least two personal references (required).

    Send your application to info@ozarkartisans.com